Board of Directors

Premier Health Network’s Board of Directors is a governing body comprised of two groups: Class A Directors and Class B Directors with an overall appointed team of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Vice President

Class A Directors

Physicians who have entered into and maintain contractual relationships with one or more programs undertaken or sponsored by Singing River Premier Network and are members of the medical staff of a hospital which also has a contractual relationship with one or more programs undertaken or sponsored by this corporation.

David Spencer, Sr., MD
Taylor Banahan, MD
Ronald Rinker, MD
Jason Payne, MD
Amber Colville, MD
Van Wurm, MD

Class B Directors

Employees of Singing River Health System who hold the position of department head or higher may qualify for appointment and serve as Class B directors.

Robert Donald, III, MD
Heath Thompson
Jason McNeil
Tim West
Laurin St.Pe'
Mark LaFontaine